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Custom Pet Caricatures

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What's a Pet Caricature?

We all love our pets- and we want everyone to know just how amazing they are! Pet portraits have become a popular way for pet parents to immortalize and cherish their furry friends. Artist Lauren Knight uses her unique, off-beat illustration style to create alternative pet portraits that are expressive, light-hearted and just plain fun! Based on your photos and descriptions, Draw My Dog Custom Pet Caricatures are all hand-drawn, original works of art created with love using high-quality paper and drawing materials.

Why do I need a Pet Caricature? 

Twin Cats Custom Pet Caricature

Do you absolutely adore your pet, or know someone who's totally obsessed with their pet? Do you love to laugh and have an awesome sense of humor? Do you want to own a beautiful piece of original art of your furry best friend that will have your friends and family HOWLING? Sounds like you need a Custom Pet Caricature from Draw My Dog!!



How much do pet caricatures cost?

All pet portraits are drawn on high-quality 14" x 17" bristol paper, or you may upgrade to 19" x 24" paper for an additional $50.00.

Pricing and Options for Custom Pet Caricatures

How will you draw my pet?

Thor the rescue pit bull mix is a real hero!

 At Draw My Dog, our custom pet caricatures are based on two factors: 1) your photos and 2) your descriptions of your pet's personality and behaviors. Artist Lauren Knight aims to exaggerate the qualities that make every individual pet different and special, while also capturing their likeness.


With that in mind, consider how YOU want your pet to be drawn when submitting photos and descriptions of your pet! For example, if you want your pet to be drawn with her ears up, avoid submitting photos with her ears down.

If you choose to personalize your pet portrait to include Special Additions or the Whole Picture, consider what items and scenes you want your pet to be drawn with. Maybe their favorite toys or their favorite spot in the sun? Maybe portraying a character in your favorite TV show or movie? We encourage you to go all out and make your pet portrait truly unique to YOU and your pet!


Please note that due to the nature of caricatures, your pet's features will be exaggerated in their portrait.  Custom Pet Caricatures are intended to be fun, light-hearted drawings of pets that celebrate their differences!

How long will it take?

Depending on artist availability and time of year, custom pet caricatures take between 1-4 weeks to complete.

How to Order

1) Choose how many pets you would like drawn. PLEASE NOTE: If you have multiple pets but would like them to be drawn separately, please create a separate 1-pet order for each pet! Orders for multiple pets will be drawn together.

2) Choose the size of your portrait. All pet portraits are drawn on 14" by 17" high-quality bristol paper, but you can upgrade to 19" by 24" for an additional $50 (this is recommended for portraits of 3+ pets!)

3) Personalize your pet portrait. Add extra elements to your pet portrait by selecting the "Special Additions" upgrade for $25, or go all out with a full background by selecting "The Whole Picture" upgrade for $50.

4) Tell us about your pet and any special requests!

5) Upload your photos. For best results, we strongly suggest uploading multiple photos of your pet.

6) Add to your cart and check out! Once completed, you will receive an email asking for you to review and approve the final image. Your pet portrait will not be shipped until you have approved the final image via email. Keep an eye on your inbox for messages from DrawMyDog.com to ensure you're getting important notifications about your pet portrait!


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